Friday, May 16, 2014

Good evening fellow followers! Did the heavy bag routine today which includes push ups, pull ups, crunches, mountain climber and lunges. I got a little pleasant surprise tonight I got my kids for the night while their mother does something, not sure, don't care lol. Got my workout done for the night, cooked a delicious meal - Turkey, baked potatoes, and corn. Then we went for our nightly mile walk with our kids, that made my night having our kids with us while we get healthy.

Cami (my oldest) asked me tonight, "why are you doing all this?"
I asked her what she meant,  and her response - "like running and hitting that black thing (referencing my heavy bag) and pushing on the ground".
I got to explain to my daughter tonight what it meant to be healthy as well as why I am needing to do this. She said she understood whether she did or not I don't know but it was still a humbling experience.

Well bloggers, it is time to hit the hay have a good night sweet dreams and wake up for the next morning!

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