Thursday, May 15, 2014

Good evening everybody, had another successful day although I did not go as far as I would have liked, instead I only went the 3.13 for a very good reason. It is Thursday night which means we get the kiddos for a few hours, this week just happens to be a blessing because we got them quite a bit longer than normal! We will also be getting them over night Friday night (hopefully, keeping fingers crossed). I was able to screenshot my route for the run I did today, it only took me 38 minutes I believe.
Now for all you people out there that actually exercise on a daily basis probably think this isn't very good, but in my mind it is excellent for only being back in the game for about a week not to mention the hills I am doing!
Yesterday I hit the heavy bag for about 45 minutes, did some reps of push ups and pull ups, along with Hill climbers, so I'm a little sore lol but it's all def worth it!!

Well, that's it for me tonight people, have a good night sweet dreams and wake up for a new morning!

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