Friday, May 16, 2014

Good evening fellow followers! Did the heavy bag routine today which includes push ups, pull ups, crunches, mountain climber and lunges. I got a little pleasant surprise tonight I got my kids for the night while their mother does something, not sure, don't care lol. Got my workout done for the night, cooked a delicious meal - Turkey, baked potatoes, and corn. Then we went for our nightly mile walk with our kids, that made my night having our kids with us while we get healthy.

Cami (my oldest) asked me tonight, "why are you doing all this?"
I asked her what she meant,  and her response - "like running and hitting that black thing (referencing my heavy bag) and pushing on the ground".
I got to explain to my daughter tonight what it meant to be healthy as well as why I am needing to do this. She said she understood whether she did or not I don't know but it was still a humbling experience.

Well bloggers, it is time to hit the hay have a good night sweet dreams and wake up for the next morning!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Good evening everybody, had another successful day although I did not go as far as I would have liked, instead I only went the 3.13 for a very good reason. It is Thursday night which means we get the kiddos for a few hours, this week just happens to be a blessing because we got them quite a bit longer than normal! We will also be getting them over night Friday night (hopefully, keeping fingers crossed). I was able to screenshot my route for the run I did today, it only took me 38 minutes I believe.
Now for all you people out there that actually exercise on a daily basis probably think this isn't very good, but in my mind it is excellent for only being back in the game for about a week not to mention the hills I am doing!
Yesterday I hit the heavy bag for about 45 minutes, did some reps of push ups and pull ups, along with Hill climbers, so I'm a little sore lol but it's all def worth it!!

Well, that's it for me tonight people, have a good night sweet dreams and wake up for a new morning!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Well my fellow bloggers, now that the weather has started shaping up again I went out for another run! Got a little further this time about 5 miles, after which I took a walk with my wonderful wife for yet another mile, go me go! Like I posted earlier I am not happy with what I have so I will do my best to work with what I have, getting rid of my love handles and what I have come to call my daddy baby bump. My calfs are killing me right but I am not complaining because I know in the long run it will help me out tremendously, with not just my overall health but with the fact that I can run and play with my kids without getting winded! I have recently downloaded an app that actually tracks how far and where I go along with my speed, if I can figure out how to migrate that here I will do just that.
Over this past weekends I was actually able to get some gardening done which I absolutely love doing! Dug down about a foot and replaced the literal garbage which included black clay and molding bark. Got that all cleaned up and planted lilies and daisies (for my amazing wife), a long days work when you have 3 rascally kids running around lol but it got done, thanks to their aunt Kenzie who actually babysat them for a little while whilst I ran to get supplies. When all is said and done I think it looks pretty good!
What do you guys think?  Well everybody, that's it for tonight's blog post have a good night sweet dreams and wake up for the next morning! 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Well unfortunately today, was not a run day, instead I went and got a little bit more of my arm inked. It was awesome! Got to chat with my brother Jeff, and of course his work is freaking amazing! I will def be posting pictures a little bit later, but I will post what pictures I do have of what had been done so far.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Time to get into shape!

Now I know everybody complains and complains about how they look, weight, hair, or whatever, and I'm no different. I stand 6 foot 1 inch and weigh a little over 170 lbs, and I aim to fix that. I have what one would call an "average build" however I don't like being grouped like that, I have the typical belly you see on guys not fat but a little flabby. So I decided I am going to fix that, and do it quickly.  I decided to pickup running and free weights, yesterday I jog/ran 3.13 miles uphill as well as downhill so I know I burnt more calories than if I were to just run on a straight road!!!
Unfortunately today I could not run due to the simple fact that it was raining lol, but I did get a little bit of exercise in, I help our maintenance guy take out the old water heater up the stairs and put the new one in! Tomorrow I do plan on running that same course hopefully do it a little quicker, I ran it in an hour and about 20 minutes. Wish me luck!!!
I will be posting pictures tomorrow of me, and I will do them by week so you can follow me through this process and hopefully those of you out this will help get you a little motivated, it is never to late to get healthy!